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About Andy:

I am primarily a marine mycologist with a focus on the diversity of marine fungi present in different environments using both culture-dependent and culture-independent approaches, as well as exploring their role in marine ecosystems, differences to terrestrial counterpart species, and potential in blue biotechnology. With my current position, I am expanding my research interests into other marine microbes, how they interact within microbiomes, and how this affects produced metabolites. Outside of microbiology, I am also interested in coleoid cephalopods, marine invertebrates, and deep-sea ecology, and I am keen on working to make science more accessible and understandable to the general public. 


I have obtained a BSc (Hons) Marine Biology at Swansea University and an MRes (Hons) Ocean Sciences at the University of Southampton in 2022. My research projects focused on exploring the diversity of the understudied marine fungal communities using amplicon sequencing as well as potential applications of marine fungi in biotechnology, such as their antimicrobial activity and bioremediation capabilities. Currently, I am working as a lab technician for the European project BMRex to optimise ways of extracting DNA and RNA for metagenomic and metatranscriptomic sequencing to hopefully aid in finding novel plastic-degrading enzymes. 

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