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It is essential to the group to communicate our research to everyone. Please feel free to contact any of us if you would like to learn more about our work or talk to us about specific outreach activities. Here you can find some of our past outreach activities.


We joined the Swansea Science Festival 2023 with bubbling algal cultures, a plastic sand box and lots more to inform about the biotechnological applications of microbes.




Our citizen science project to identify plastic-degrading microbes with the support of Swansea University’s Greatest Need Fund 


Eva was interviewed by Eleni Koursari (FEMS Microbiology) at the Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients 2021 Conference to discuss Phaeobacter inhibens, a probiotic to control bacterial infections in aquaculture.

Eva explains on the #FEMSmicroBlog, how oceanic microbes could help us tackle our global environment challenges and reduce our plastic pollution.


Eva was interviewed by DYNAMO on plastic-degrading bacteria (article in Danish).

Eva talked to Plastindustrien about marine plastic-degrading bacteria (article in Danish).

Image by Jan Huber

Our work on bacteria as microalgal gardeners featured in the NewScientist

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